Tested: BMW i3

Driving in silence, it may be more fun than you think.

Going electric has always been a very vague concept, yet it’s been in the automotive industry for as long as the latter existed. How can you convince a petrolhead that driving on battery power might actually be fun?

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Launch Report: 2017 Audi Q2

Bold design and strong customization for this city SUV

“So what’s it like?” asks a friend, shortly after my return from the Audi Q2 launch in Cape Town. While I regurgitate specifications and give lively driving impressions, her face starts shriveling in bewilderment. “No, no…” she perks up again, “…does it really look as funky as in the photos?”

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Special Report: Mike Horn

Mike Horn visited Namibia on his Pole2Pole expedition – we caught up with him before he left for Antarctica…

Most people fit into some sort of mold; a neatly-defined spectrum of their main characteristics. Fast forward beyond the artists, accountants or analysts and you eventually stumble upon a very unique group called “explorers”.

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Peugeot wins again!

This was the caption of an advertisement in the British magazine, The Motor, in May 1962; fifty years ago.

The reason for this jubilation was that Peugeot – again – won the East African Safari. And they did have reason to be over the moon since they finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the 1600-2000 cc class in one of the most gruelling endurance rallies at the time. The winning 404 was driven by local driver, the Kenyan Nick Nowicki with Paddy Cliff as his co-driver.

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