Launch report: Volvo EX30

Volvo EX30 turns automotive market onto its head

Volvo has already made their plans clear, regarding Electric Vehicles, with the Swedish manufacturer set to produce only EVs from 2030. Shortly after the global launch, Volvo has now brought the brand new EX30 to Southern Africa. This vehicle promises not only to turn heads, but also the general perception around EVs as it offers a cost-effective, practical, and sporty offering. This might just be the perfect car.

It is rare for an EV to be sold in Southern Africa for less than R1 million, not to mention EVs from luxury manufacturers. However, Volvo has now thrown a curveball with prices for the EX30 starting at a modest (in EV terms) R775,900. This is almost unheard of, with only the Chinese small EVs currently able to compete with it. When we say “small”, we refer both to overall size and range. The EX30 blasts the competition out of the water here.  

The good news doesn’t end there. At 3.6 seconds from 0 to 100km/h, this is also the fastest Volvo ever (even faster than their performance brand, Polestar). It’s not as if the vehicle will only be able to travel short distances either. Volvo states that the EX30 will be able to cover a distance of 480km on a single charge cycle. 

Unfortunately, there is a downside to this story; buyers will only be able to get their vehicles at the beginning of 2024.

However, pre-orders will open on June 8, 2023. 

At 4233mm in length, 1836mm wide, and 1555mm high, the EX30 is actually only a few millimetres wider and longer than a regular hatchback model, yet is said to be much more spacious and practical, thanks to its overall height. The EX30 is only 192mm shorter than the XC40 (small SUV). 

Furthermore, the EX30 is built from recycled materials both on the exterior and in the interior, and the vehicle will be sold in three models, namely the Core, Plus, and Ultra. 

Here’s how the different EX30 models will compare to each other in terms of speed, power delivery, and total battery range (however, we will confirm these figures during our formal test): 

Model0-100km/hTop speedBatteryRange
EX30 Core – Single motor5.7 sec180km/h51 kWh344km
EX30 Plus – Single Motor ER5.3 sec180km/h69kWh480km
EX30 Plus – Twin Motor Performance3.6 sec180km/h69kWh460km
EX30 Ultra – Single Motor ER5.3 sec180km/h69kWh480km
EX30 Ultra – Twin Motor Performance3.6 sec180km/h69kWh460km

The different models: 

The Core model will come standard with Volvo’s Safe Space feature, 2 NFC cards, LED headlights, the THOR trademark, driver profiles, rear sensors, a reversing camera, adaptive cruise control, and 18″ alloy wheels. 

The Plus models will be sold with all the Core model features, as well as a Harman Kardon sound system, a digital key, an electric tailgate, a panoramic sunroof, parking sensors, dual-zone climate control, parking assistance, wireless charging functionality, and 19-inch alloy wheels. 

The Ultra models will be sold with all the Core and Plus features, as well as a panoramic sunroof, a 360-degree camera with side sensors, electric seats (with memory adjustment), parking assistance, and 20-inch alloy wheels. 


Volvo is a frontrunner when it comes to safety, and with the EX30, it’s no different. The vehicle will warn pedestrians and cyclists of its presence by emitting a low acoustic note from the outside. This note will not be overwhelming like a siren but will simply make bystanders aware. 

Furthermore, Volvo is the first brand to introduce lane change warning, and the EX30 will strongly uphold this tradition. To date, this technology in Volvo vehicles is the most accurate among all manufacturers. The vehicle will even be able to detect if there is a vehicle approaching from the front and automatically steer the EX30 back into the correct lane. 

Lastly, the EX30 will also be able to alert if any occupants are left in the vehicle, such as a child. 

At NamWheels, we are extremely excited about this vehicle. Not only did Volvo succeed in bringing an electric vehicle to Southern Africa, but it’s also the fastest Volvo yet, which is not only highly practical but also incredibly affordable.

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