Launched: 2017 Honda CR-V

Known for its refinement, the Honda CR-V range has just been improved even further!

First launched in 1995, the Honda CR-V captured the global market as a trend-setter in the compact SUV segment. Globally, it has since been sold 9 million times in 150 countries, so this latest model has a lot to live up to.
As for size, the new CR-V is slightly wider and features an additional 65mm of rear leg room with 1,830cm of cargo space. Although it might be wider, the car’s overall length is 10mm shorter. The striking exterior shows beautiful curves, while the front end definitely reminds me of the Civic and HR-V.

All models are fitted with LED daytime running lights while the top-spec models have ‘octopus’-like 18-inch wheels for more aggressive appeal.

A key focus was to keep the CR-V relatively compact, yet make it more spacious. This was certainly achieved as cabin space is more than enough for four adults with weekend camping gear, or fold down the rear seats and two bicycles easily fit inside.

The CR-V also boasts new quality materials as it feels much more luxurious. All derivatives in the range are fitted with leather seats and leather-clad dashboards. The Executive models have a wood-like trim while both front seats can be adjusted electrically.

New with this generation is a fresh Honda infotainment system. The top spec cars carry a TFT digital screen for the speedometer, fuel consumption and engine temperature levels.
The new eight-inch central infotainment screen has a neat design and brings back the volume knob to the delight of many customers. It also features navigation and Apple Carplay/Android Auto.

The shift lever is placed close to the infotainment screen, making it easy to reach. The middle storage compartment and the cup holders are also positioned higher and closer to the driver for easier access. Also new to the latest CR-V is a multi-angled reverse camera and an all-new side camera, which immediately activates when the driver switches on the indicators. This comes in handy when turning into sharp bends.

All new Honda CR-V’s are fitted with either a 1.5-litre Turbo (140kW, 240Nm) or a two-litre i-VTEC (113kW, 189Nm) engine. Obviously the turbo engine has more output at lower revs while the i-VTEC motor retains the Honda trademark of power at higher rev ranges. The 1.5 derivatives should be more fuel efficient with a claimed 7.1L/100km.

In terms of safety, the new SUV is fitted with a collision mitigation braking system, road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control and low-speed follow as well as lane keeping assist.

What do we think?

Firstly, there is no denying that Honda is still one of the most innovative companies in terms of practicality, space, luxurious designs and ride comfort.

Although being slightly wider and having larger wheels, the vehicle seemed resilient to outside road noise, creating a calming atmosphere on the inside. It definitely stands up to its name as being the most quiet SUV worldwide.

Driving on the twisty roads of the Western Cape (South Africa) during the vehicle’s launch, the all-wheel-drive CR-V adapted well to the road, creating confidence for the driver. This is a very relaxing vehicle to drive.

Although Honda has made significant progress with the CVT-automatic gearbox, it can struggle to address the immediate needs of the driver. Especially in sleepy Eco mode, its response is sluggish when more speed is needed.

The sport function brings high revving sounds yet it struggles to deliver power. That said, the CR-V wasn’t manufactured to be the dark horse at your weekly drag night, its forte lies in leisure activities. The 1.5 turbo-petrol motor definitely delivers a nice punch sufficient for the odd truck-passing manoeuvre, even at a piston-pumping 6,000rpm.

We really do like the car.

It might not be the most rapid SUV, but makes up for this tenfold with its amazing practicality, ease of driving, leisure capabilities and the spacious design. All models have a five-year 200,000km warranty and five-year 90,000km service plan.

The new CR-V is priced as follows:

N$427,000 (2.0 Comfort)
N$478,000 (2.0 Elegance)
N$598,300 (1.5T Executive)
N$641,250 (1.5T Exclusive)

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