Top5: Affordable Cars

Welcome to one of NamWheels’ more regular features – our list of top 5 car-related items.

Times are tough. You’re living on two minute noodles and your shoes have holes in them but you saved plenty of big notes (and a meaty deposit) for a shiny new car. Of course you could always look at a more affordable second-hand car (which offers better value) but we are focussing on new cars only.

What to get, what to test-drive? We at NamWheels love to help with our list of cars you should consider. Feel free to send us comments or feedback:

1) TATA Bolt 1.2T XMS

This was a very tough call but we put this cool new Indian hatchback first because of its good specifications and great turbo-petrol engine. It costs about 160 thousand and there’s an even posher model for ten grand more. Great value!

66kW, 140Nm • 2 Airbags • ABS, EBD • 210L boot • Radio/USB

2) SUZUKI Celerio 1.0 GA 

If you want an affordable little runabout – look no further. It costs about N$143,000 while the Celerio GL with better specs is a bit more; and also available as an auto. Eager and frugal little engine but no service plan with this model.

50kW, 90Nm • 2 Airbags • ABS, EBD • 235L boot

3) Volkswagen Take up! 1.0

Brand reputation, dealer count and our love for this superb little car should’ve given it first spot but the entry-level “Take up!” is expensive (at least 170 grand) and low on specs. The better “Move up!” is above 180k.

55kW, 95Nm • 4 Airbags • ABS • 251L boot • Radio/Aux

4) HYUNDAI Grand i10 1.25 

We should’ve put the Hyundai i10 on this list but it lacks some essential safety features and “The Grand” is a much better car. Expect a very perky engine, more versatility and superior specifications for a budget of around N$200,000.

64kW, 120Nm • 2 Airbags • ABS, EBD • 256L boot • Radio/CD/USB/BT

5) SUZUKI Swift 1.2 GA

You want value for money? The ageing but excellent Swift costs just N$162,900 for this GA entry-level model. Not very powerful but easy to drive and extremely fuel efficient! For more ride height, see our Ignis launch report in this issue…

63kW, 113Nm • 2 Airbags • ABS, EBD • 210L boot • Service plan


Cannot stretch to this sort of cash? Do not despair, there are other options available.

The next best thing is a used or demo vehicle, which represents even more value. Be sure to buy the best one you can, and look into brand / dealer reputation, servicing, parts and reliability. Take a knowledgeable friend or mechanic along for advice!


  • kW [ kiloWatt ] In car terms, the engine’s power
  • Nm [ Newton-meters ] Twisting or (engine) pulling power
  • Airbags Cushions of air to reduce crash injury
  • ABS [ Anti-lock brake system ] For stability during hard braking
  • EBD [ Emergency brake (force) distribution ]
  • Boot (space) How much junk can you fit in the trunk?
  • Radio Essential road trip and traffic jam equipment
  • CD [ Compact Disc ] An antiquated audio or data carrier
  • Aux [ “Auxillary” audio jack ] For external music sources a.k.a. “The Aux Jack”
  • USB [ Universal Serial Bus ] A psychotic form of public transport

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