Launched: BF Goodrich KM3

Author: Francois Lottering

When a manufacturer of off road tires use slogans like “Built through experience “ or “Earned on the trail” then there must be trust, credibility and confidence when offering it to the end users. This is exactly what NamWheels experienced during the launch and product knowledge session hosted by BF Goodrich on their new MK3 tires in Windhoek earlier this month.

What seemed a bit strange to host and demonstrate an off road tire at the Tony Rust Racetrack outside the city initially seemed a bit strange as the MK3’s were designed with raw nature in mind.

But once the convoy of Ford Rangers was lined up, and our GPS coordinates indicated a farm somewhere south east of Windhoek, it was clear the practical demonstration would be real.

Seeing the size of the tread blocks it will only be natural to think that the tire will be noisy on tarred roads, but the opposite was quite true. As they say the real proof is the pudding when going off road the KM3’s were in their element and the grip at speeds of 120 KPH, on the gravel road was just as amazing as on tarred roads.

The rocky terrain with its millions of loose rocks and boulders and a typical Namibian dry river bed, was chosen by the instructors so that the dealers can get first hand experience about the KM3 ’s abilities on the various terrains.

The possibilities and obstacles for the KM3 are endless and was designed to conquer from muddy, sandy and even rocky terrains.

The grips/ threats of the tire was designed to approach any terrain or obstacle from any direction. During the theoretical introduction to the BF’s the hard and inhospitable areas like the Kunene, Hardap, //Karas Khomas Hochland and Damara land areas came to mind as the ideal tire for such terrains.

The KM3’s are available in 27 new tire sizes, and their aim is monopolize the local off road tire segment.

As the KM3 marketers say “Just remember the following code 5, 8, 27 percent.”

Meaning increases of 5% mud traction performance, 8% better rock traction and 27% tougher side walls. And this is the single biggest problem vehicle owners experience when traveling off road.

But when deflated to the required terrain tire pressure, the KM will give you peace of mind to conquer that area.

My verdict is that the KM3 was designed with Namibian conditions in mind, though a bit pricey, but put the purpose of the tire in perspective, then it is a small price to pay to make sure your vehicle can go anywhere at any time.

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  1. What a experrience it has been. I am hooked for sure.
    At first I was sure, we will end up with damaged tyres. But nope, not even a cut or scuffmark. This tyre is truly worth every cent.


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