New Golf 8 GTi ready to hit Southern African roads

The proven 39-year old Volkswagen GTi history is set to continue and we cannot wait! The new GTi is set to go on sale from 1 September 2021 although customers are already able to pre-order the vehicle with Volkswagen South Africa.

Here is what we know thus far.

Initially launched in 1982, the then Mk 1 Golf GTi not only immediately won the Group N racing category at the hands of Sarel van der Merwe, but also far exceeded Volkswagen’s initial idea of only selling 5000 GTi’s. As of 2020, an astonishing 2.3 million GTi’s have been sold, with South Africa being the largest market outside of Europe.

While the Mk 1 Golf GTi was also capable of 81kW and a 0-100km/h time of 9.2 seconds, every generation thereafter demolished this figure, with the latest generation doing so in only 6.4 seconds. Our Racelogic databox is surely ready to test this figure, knowing fully well that Volkswagen tend to be one of the most realistic when it comes to these figures.

The new GTi will have 11kW more than its predecessor. Not only will the 2.0 litre turbocharged, 7-speed DSG engine be capable of 180kW, but will also be able to push out 370Nm. This is on par with the torque delivery of the Golf R 7.5.

The new Golf 8 GTi also features a much more aggressive, yet refined and composed stature. This is largely thanks to the headlamps at the front, which not only house the new IQ Matrix headlamps, but also 22 individual lights inside each headlamp. Similarly, a small LED strip runs along the red GTi strip along the front grille to connect the two headlamps, while a honeycomb bottom grille features 5 rhombus daytime running lights on each side.

Adding to this aggressive look, the new GTi features 19-inch alloy wheels, while the GTi logo at the rear has been shifted below the rear logo.

Inside a modern, yet futuristic interior greets you with what Volkswagen terms as an “Innovation cockpit”. This is with good reason as the new interior will house a 10.25-inch touchscreen as well as a sporty-leather, multi-function steering wheel.

The DSG gear shifter has also been adapted to be much smaller in size, while a slow-flashing start/stop button will be anxiously waiting for you to start the #Vrrpha. The interior will also feature changing lighting colours, which the driver can decide upon. To add even more, the new GTi will feature a Harman and Kardon sound system.

While the vehicle is set to be launched to the media next month, the GTi will officially go on sale on 1 September. While pre-ordering is open already, public test-drive days will be available in certain regions on the following dates:

  • Johannesburg: 4 September
  • Cape Town: 11 September
  • Durban: 18 September

The new Golf 8 GTi will be sold at a reasonable price of R669 300.

More news as well as a review will follow upon testing.

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