Launch report: Volkswagen Golf (Limited Edition) GTi TCR

Final Golf 7 to hit South-African roads with some TCR vrrrrpha!

As the world currently sees itself in a pandemic, most of us are eagerly waiting to take on the roads again. Well, Volkswagen South Africa might just have the perfect solution, but you will have to jump as only a very limited number of these models will be sold in southern Africa.

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Lineage: Golf GTi

Volkswagen just announced the last Golf 7 GTi model, so we take a look at a car closing in on 45 years of existence. To this day, VW’s front-wheel driven high-performance hatch remains a true car for the people. So much so, that 33% of all new Golf owners in South Africa opt for a GTi badge on theirs. That ranks Southern Africa as one of the top 10 countries, when it comes to GTi ownership, worldwide. N.B.: These are local / ZA specs while photos are of international models. Other high-performance Golfs like VR6 or Golf R have been excluded from this list.

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