Safety: Alcohol impairs your driving!

One of the biggest dangers on our roads are drunken drivers. Piloting a motor vehicle takes more than just experience; and alcohol plays a major role in decreasing a driver’s common sense and reflexes – two things absolutely vital to reaching your destination safely.

Unfortunately, drunk drivers often tear innocent souls into their selfish blunders – other motorists, pedestrians, bikers and passengers who pay for someone else’s mistake dearly – sometimes with their lives.

Recent statistics suggest that half the legal limit doubles your chances of crashing, while the full limit triples those odds.

So the message here is clear – get behind the wheel drunk and you could end up in serious trouble. Never mind explaining any lone collisions to your insurance, once another party is involved and you’re over the limit, your life will quickly turn into a bad dream. Heaven Forbid someone is injured or killed – for then your existence becomes a full-blown nightmare. “Papa wag vir jou” is not so funny, is it?

“Papa wag vir jou…”

Alcohol severely impairs your vision, alertness and reaction times, often replacing them with excessive exuberance and misplaced courage.

Should you really want to party it up, make arrangements to get home safely with a taxi, shuttle or sober friend.

There is no shame in asking for help, nor is it boring or stupid to be the designated driver for your friend(s) once in a while. Quite the opposite actually – you might be saving their and other people’s lives.


  • You are much more likely to crash
  • Your insurance will not pay
  • You or someone else might die
  • It is a crime and you will go to jail

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