Driving Tips: How to drive in fog / mist

Caught in fog patches at the coast? Spotted a bank of mist on the road back into town? NamWheels gives you a few do’s and don’ts when your visibility is poor. 

Yes Please!

  • Prepare – radio, internet, signs, anything that can warn you about your route and take precautions.
  • If you encounter mist or fog, adjust your speed accordingly and be very alert to road conditions and other road users. Watch out for pedestrians!
  • Keep a larger following distance and generally more space between yours and other vehicles.
  • Turn on your vehicle’s headlights or (if fitted) the fog lights.
  • If you feel that conditions are unsafe, find a safe area to pull over, well away from traffic.
  • Always keep your windows clean, on the outside and the inside. Consider an anti-damp product.
  • Turn down your music and open a window to possibly hear any potential dangers.
  • Use your windscreen wipers and demister.

Hell No!

  • Never take the occurance of foggy or misty conditions lightly, they can lead to big accidents.
  • Do not speed or overtake in bad visibility as you may not be able to see approaching vehicles or spot potential hazards in time.
  • DO NOT tail-gate (closely follow) other vehicles or assume that another driver can see better!
  • DO NOT use the main beam “brights” as these reduce your vision and blind other vehicles.
  • DO NOT drive with your hazard / emergency flashers as they are only for stationary use and will distract or confuse other drivers!
  • Avoid aftermarket fog lights of another colour (e.g. blue or purple) as they aren’t very effective.
  • Unless necessitated by an emergency, do not swerve, stop, change lanes or suddenly perform a u-turn!

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