Sprint Review: Ford Tourneo Custom 2.0 Limited Auto

When you’re shopping for a large MPV (that’s just a trendy acronym for “van”) naturally you’d gravitate towards Volkswagen or Mercedes; possibly Hyundai. Well, you may now add a fourth brand to that list.

You need to know: That’s right, Ford has a large and luxurious bus with more seats that you can throw a grade school lift-club at. The blue oval may be famous for stuff like the Fiesta / Figo, Focus, Mustang, Ranger and Everest but elsewhere on the planet they’re best known for big white vans called “Transit”.

More info: This is important to our Tourneo Custom story because that’s what this stylish brute is based on – the humble but hard-working Transit commercial vehicle. And if you don’t believe us, the exceptionally clever Ford SYNC infotainment system identifies itself as “Ford Transit” via the Bluetooth pairing process.

OK, what else? Ford didn’t just fit fancy gadgets, throw in some carpets and coat it in shiny paint – oh no – the Tourneo Custom offers most convenience and luxury features offered by its rivals. H-1, V-Class and Caravelle have a new competitor with sliding doors, superb seats, a smooth ride and a couple of dozen cup holders.

Buyers also have quite a bit of choice… with two turbo-diesel engines, two wheel-bases and three trim levels. We tested the range-topping 2.0 (single) turbo-diesel SWB Limited model which is good for 185hp delivered to the front wheels via a silky-smooth six-speed automatic gearbox. Ford ZA does not publish performance stats but we do – see the table below.

Watch out for: Obviously the price – ditto every other vehicle on our market. However, at a shade beyond ZAR 760,000 you get an exceptional amount of metal for your money! This makes the Ford Tourneo Custom excellent value and its maker even sends it out of the starting blocks with a 4-year/120,000km warranty and 6-year/90,000km service plan.

Why you want one: Besides its solid foundation, generous space, gentle road manners and good tech? Everyone at NamWheels thought that this metallic bronze press car also looked great and returned decent fuel mileage (for a house on wheels).


Engine:2.0 i-4 Turbo-diesel
Transmission:6-speed Automatic, FWD
Max. Power:136kW
Max. Torque:415Nm
Avg. cons.:Claimed 6.7L/100km
0-100km/h:11.74 seconds (no claim)
Top Speed:153.05km/h achieved during testing N.B. Not v-max (no claim)
List Price:R763,200

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