Sprint Review: Range Rover Evoque

What you need to know: The Range Rover Evoque actually started life as the LRX concept car from 2008. Completely overwhelmed by the public’s approval, Land Rover simply had to build it; the first Evoques appeared in 2011 and are a huge success for the brand.

So huge, in fact, that now every Landy looks like an Evoque. The car that gave everything else its face was built on the Freelander Mk2 platform so it isn’t really a Range Rover.

Same goes for the Discovery Sport, which looks like an Evoque, but it replaced the Freelander which isn’t a real Discovery. Get it? Me neither.

Some more facts: What you need to know is that any Evoque is a thing of style and class. Some people are repulsed by its looks but we’re ignoring them. Also, we don’t care about its numbers, specs or irrelevant technical terms. You don’t consider buying an Evoque, you yearn for it. You NEED one in your shiny life.

Where we went: OK, like, these private parties, totally exclusive farm dinners and an impromptu adventure to a secluded nature reserve. Proper lifestyle stuff. We also subjected it to the monotony of our daily grind and this metallic red Evoque alleviated some of that daily boredom. It still looks great from every angle.

Feels good, too! All Evoques have very comprehensive modern luxury and safety items on board with various engine, trim, colour, wheel and body choices. What always appeals to us is how customisable it is. And judging by the ones on the road, people really do.

Watch out for: Evoques are expensive (but exclusive) while the new convertible and two-door coupé are not as practical as the family-friendly four-door. There isn’t a dealer in every town and people will warn against odd colour combos or its resale values. We say horse manure – go nuts.

Why you want one: Looks, primarily, but every Evoque is also responsive and safe to drive (within its limits) and boasts with pucker off-road abilities… not that anyone ever needs them. Most importantly, an Evoque still turns heads; especially your own one after you have parked it.

More photos of our press car

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