Safety: Why you should service your car

Servicing your car makes it last longer and perform better – and there are people who don’t know that a car needs regular maintenance. We once met someone whose three-year old car had done about 40,000km without a single service. When asked why, the owner replied “because it doesn’t need one, it’s running just fine!”

So, dear car owners: even if your beloved chariot is “running just fine”, it won’t be forever if you neglect to service it.

But, why?

To simplify it, your car has MANY moving parts which either need lubrication, periodic attention or eventual replacement. If one (or more) of these fail, it could lead to your car performing badly, causing extensive damage or breaking down!

What should I budget?

If you don’t have the luxury of a maintenance or service plan (which pays for some or all work), the servicing of your car may get expensive.

We strongly advise spending as much as you can, even investing in preventative maintenance, but if your wallet is suffering you could consult an expert mechanic to advise you on which items are the most essential to your car’s health.

What options are there?

  • If your car is still under warranty and/or has a service plan, only take it to the dealer you bought it from.
  • Should your vehicle be out of warranty or any service agreements, it’s always advisable to take it back to the brand dealership as they best know the product and servicing procedures.
  • Independent (non-approved) workshops are a good option for older vehicles and often represent the most affordable way to keep your car going. In any case, shop around for the best prices!
  • Doing it yourself is definitely an alternative if you have an older vehicle and a keen sense for car maintenance. Some brand workshops even sell do-it-yourself service kits for older cars.

OK, what else?

Modern cars usually tell you when they need a bit of servicing but as your car gets older, it’s advisable to schedule more regular maintenance.

If you do a lot of mileage, the service intervals will be much shorter, but even someone who drives very little should have their car checked (at least) once a year.

Regular services will also be a bonus if you ever want to sell your car!

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