Sprint Review: BMW 420i Convertible

A sexy topless car, lots of details in short paragraphs

What you need to know: The hugely successful BMW 3-Series sedan used to have coupé and convertible versions but a few years ago the Bavarian manufacturer changed the designation of all two-door variants to 4-Series. They also did away with naturally aspirated engines, so every 4 (or 3)-Series is currently turbo-charged.

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Tested: BMW 420i Gran Coupe

The ungainly dream

Have you ever had a dream where you wanted to speak but couldn’t? What about that one where your hands seemed tied? Well, that’s what it feels like writing about this BMW 420i Gran Coupé. It isn’t writer’s block or anything like that; it’s just that I feel like having to explain something I don’t understand…

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Tested: BMW 420i Coupe

The prettier twin

BMW recently announced two new ranges, the 2-Series and 4-Series. These follow in the footsteps of other even-numbered models to designate coupé and cabriolet vehicles. With the bizarre exception of gran coupés, this makes a lot of sense and we keenly welcomed a 420i to our test fleet.

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