Tech Tips: Suspension Components

Which setup should you choose?

For any four-wheel-drive vehicle, its suspension is one of the most crucial parts of the vehicle’s off-road ability.While there are many different types of suspension setups, even minor alterations can improve the ground clearance, wheel articulation and ultimately – the amount of grip. 

Ride Height

Aftermarket components can “lift” your 4×4 to a more desirable height for any off-roading applications. Other than better clearance of obstacles (and towering above traffic) another benefit is that a lifted car can usually accommodate bigger wheels.

Damping / Response

Thanks to a huge selection of aftermarket suspension components, 4×4 enthusiasts can also change the damping or response of their car’s suspension. This can drastically alter the way your vehicle copes with the terrain you wish to traverse.

Custom / Adjustable

Now we’ve reached the cream of the crop when it comes to various suspension setups.Requiring the replacement of most components and more work on the vehicle itself, this is usually the reserve of professional or hard-core 4×4 drivers. The advantage is that you can adjust your car to which ever terrain may lie ahead!

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