Electrifying road trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town

During the month of October, South Africa will see its largest electric roadtrip yet. Spanning from Johannesburg to Cape Town, Generation.e, and the Gauteng Provincial department of transport will send 12 of the latest electronic cars on our SA roads.

Starting on 2 October, the roadtrip will take crews to the cities of Bloemfontein, Graaf-Reinet, and Port Elizabeth, before ending in Cape Town on 10 October. Before this, there will also be a separate opportunity to attend the “Smarter Mobility Africa 2019” summit at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit on 1 & 2 October 2019.

The event itself will see a minimum of 3000 visitors, 100 speakers, 40 exhibitors and 20 new start-ups. The aim of this summit will be to form a foundation for smarter and better connected low-carbon mobility in Africa. The event will also see some of the key personnel from the highly successful Formula E series. It will also see numerous demonstrations and track excursions.

Tickets for this conference can now be bought at: https://www.smartermobilityafrica.com/tickets2019

From there, the roadtrip will start with over 40 individuals, featuring seeing about 2-4 people per car. The challenge for these road trippers will be to work together to build points by driving efficiently and reaching the checkpoints on time.

More than 30 charging stations will also be placed along the routes at the overnight stations. Generation.e. focuses on encouraging the manufacturing and placing of charging stations over the country. Events like these have proven to be instrumental in other countries and will certainly influence South Africa.

The cars that will be driven during this excursion will be the Chevrolet Bolt EV, Tesla Model S and the Renault Zoe.

EVRT Africa aims to use the month of October to bring together the public and private sectors in an attempt to speed up the growth of smarter mobility. Coming to South Africa, Generation.e. already had several successful road trips in Europe and the Middle East.

Africa as a continent is currently seeing rapid urbanisation, bringing in the need for cleaner means of transport in congested urban regions. During the next few decades, Africa will see a tremendous need for these forms of transport.

Using this for growing young urban populations will ultimately help to create jobs as well as boost the economy. However, for this to happen, Africa needs its civil society, governments and business sectors to work together.

Tickets for this event are already sold out, however, there are still opportunities to get hold of these tickets through social media.

For more information, head over to https://evrtafrica.com or https://www.smartermobilityafrica.com

Also follow this great initiative via the social media handle of @generationehq

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