Stop the SUV tsunami!

I have nightmares. Going to school in my underwear or falling off a cliff pale in significance to the one about a gigantic wall of cars rolling up my street. Three, four, five cars high and tumbling one over the other, the mass of [insert Yankee slang here] compact crossover SUV’s [end slang] grows bigger and bigger as it nears my house…

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EV in SA

“Our world as we know it, is changing”.

Come the end of 2020, this might be the most popular sentence of the year. However, unrelated to the COVID-19 pandemic that the we’ve been engulfed in since the beginning of 2020, the world is changing. The need for alternative- and more efficient ways of transport is growing. With this being a motoring platform, let us look at the electric revolution within the current motoring industry.

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Electrifying road trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town

During the month of October, South Africa will see its largest electric roadtrip yet. Spanning from Johannesburg to Cape Town, Generation.e, and the Gauteng Provincial department of transport will send 12 of the latest electronic cars on our SA roads.

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