Launch Report: Datsun Go Automatic

Datsun aims to broaden market share with CVT range

Have you heard any rumors during the past few weeks, stating that Datsun might move out of South Africa? Well, think again. Datsun and Nissan South Africa have the best possible answer to counter any suspicion.

Launched in the urban jungle of Johannesburg, Datsun took us on a 160km road trip, testing the full potential of the new Go CVT along fast and flowing highways, rolling hills and tight and twisty urban areas. Bringing the Go CVT into the thin air of Johannesburg for first impressions might have been an ambitious go from the manufacturer, yet the new Go did not disappoint to skepticism of many.

Firstly, it has to be said that the GO CVT is focused on a younger, dynamic generation. Typically, the person purchasing their first car, or potentially aiming to run a small startup (if we talk about the GO +).

Everything about the GO CVT is focused on this younger influence. The first notable thing that helped us realise this, was off course the seven-inch infotainment touchscreen, fitted with voice recognition and Android Auto / Apple Car Play.

Furthermore, the new GO CVT also has two front airbags, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors, follow me home lighting, LED daytime running lights, 14” alloy wheels and improved passenger legroom. The luggage compartment can house 264 liters.

More is that the CVT version delivers 57kW (at 6,000rpm), and 104Nm (at 4,400rpm). This is 7kW more than in the manual versions. Although having only a 1,198cc three-cylinder engine, the GO CVT seems to be quite nippy in tight urban space.

The CVT version should also be able to travel over 100km, using only 5 litres of fuel.

Take it on the highway and the story might be different, with the CVT struggling to give the Datsun its GO. This vehicle has certainly been created for compact urban areas. While the CVT might moan under high strain, it does prove to be a much better and more comfortable option than the entry-level AMT competitors.

Launched in 2014, the Datsun Go has steadily climbed the ladder in terms of sales. Providing the same focus market with the ease of an automated gearbox, should propel sales figures.

Available in red, silver, grey, white, orange as well as vivid blue, the new Datsun Go CVT will be sold at R184,200, while the Datsun Go + CVT will set you back R194,800.

A six-year, 150,000km warranty will also come as standard, including a one-year free insurance helper.

Datsun has definitely set the bar as a worthwhile car for a first-time buyer. We are very much looking forward to testing the Datsun in thicker air, close to the sea shores as we believe that power delivery will improve.

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