Sprint review: Renault Megane GT-line

One new car, lots of information in snippets

What did we like? Stunning electric blue colour (Malta Blue – exclusive to this range), great lines and funky 17-inch spoked alloy wheels.  Stylish light clusters. The Renault Megane GT-line is a looker. Power delivery from the 97kW turbo charged engine is immediate and responsive. Handles well on the road.

Loads of space in the rear seats as well as the front. R-link display is intuitive and easy to sync with Bluetooth audio and phone. The interior is simple yet sporty and would definitely appeal to a younger and upwardly mobile buyer. Sports pedals enhance the hot hatch aspect of this car.

What didn’t we like? The ride is hard on those 17-inch low profile GT-line wheels as is the suspension. This does however translate into a car that handles well, but it cannot be called comfortable.

What people said: By far the most comments received were about the car’s looks. It looks fabulous with great lines. Others also enjoyed the space in the rear although the smaller rear windows raised a comment about claustrophobia.

Why you want one: You want a slightly larger hatch back with decent performance, yet passable fuel economy that offers a bit of a change from the run of the mill and which echoes your sense of uniqueness. Priced from N$284 900.

What to look out for: For even more fun on the road, consider Renault’s 162kW version of this GT line.

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