List: South African Cars of the Year

Our southern neighbours have a guild of motoring journalists who, not always without some controversy, selected their pick of new cars since 1986. Here is a list of all winners since then and some links to our NamWheels Cars of the Year lists further down: 

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Sprint review: Renault Megane GT-line

One new car, lots of information in snippets

What did we like? Stunning electric blue colour (Malta Blue – exclusive to this range), great lines and funky 17-inch spoked alloy wheels.  Stylish light clusters. The Renault Megane GT-line is a looker. Power delivery from the 97kW turbo charged engine is immediate and responsive. Handles well on the road.

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Bekendstelling: Renault Duster

Renault se nuwe Duster 4×2 en 4×4 gaan Namibiërs verras

Met die onlangse bekendstelling van sy veeldoelige Duster in die C-SUV segment is Renault  SA oortuig dat hierdie nuweling in die Renault stal ook in Namibië en Suid-Afrika die ongekende sukses gaan behaal as wat die geval in Rusland, Indië en Brasilië was.

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Tested: Honda Civic iDTEC

The individual look

In a perfect world, we’d all drive the same car. Wait, did I just type perfect? I meant imperfect. One of the greatest luxuries we have is choice, the ability to indulge our individual tastes. You drive a Golf, he drives a Focus, she drives a Hyundai and I’ve got a Civic.

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0-100km/h times [2012]

The trump cards

Many people will argue that naught to a hundred times are childish and irrelevant, an automotive statistic only useful at the bar counter or in a pack of trump cards. Others will defend this benchmark test as a measure of a car’s performance, perhaps even reasoning that it’s important to know how quickly a car accelerate away from potential harm, or onto a motorway. 

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Tested: 2012 Opel Astra GTC

The comfy looker

It’s been a long time coming and I was honestly getting concerned that halfway through the year I hadn’t found any pleasant surprises yet. Sure, thundering AMG’s and seven-figure Jags may apply but it wasn’t until last week that I stumbled across a hidden gem: the Opel Astra GTC.

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Tested: 2012 Volvo C30 T5 R-Design

The thumping grace

Did you design your own house? Have you got a truly puzzling music collection? You have an iguana instead of a retriever, don’t you? If you refuse to go mainstream by getting a Golf GTi and have been longing for something rather eccentric with a dash of fun, meet the Volvo C30 T5 R-Design.

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