Long term test: Volvo V40 D3

The gushing update

Today I’ll let you into another little secret of life – choose your travel companions wisely. What at first may seem like a quirky and interesting choice can sometimes turn into an annoying mistake or worse, an incessant bore. And if you’re a car enthusiast, that can also apply to your chosen mode of transport.

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Top 5: Range Runners

So you live in Outjo but work in Gobabis?

Don’t fear, we’ve made a list of cars that can go the furthest on one filling of the tank. You know, when the attendant does that whole click-click nozzle trick. Of course we need to remind you that these figures are based on claimed consumption and tank figures, your results may vary and depend on driving style, load and prevailing conditions. If you’re a high miler though, this list is a good start.

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Tested: Volvo V40 D3 Elite

The sculpted mark

I often get asked for car buying advice and happily dispense it, even if it’s just confirmation of someone’s top choices. It’s very rare that someone derails from these and ends up buying something completely different. It’s even rarer that they confess this mistake to me: “we should’ve bought the V40!”

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