Sprint Review: Nissan Micra 66kW turbo Acenta Plus

A rejuvenated compact hatchback, lots of information in short paragraphs.

What you need to know: The Nissan Micra was never a huge sales success – well, at least not in Namibia – but it always represented a solid second choice to the evergreen Polo or once-popular Yaris. And just like those two chief rivals, this Nissan has shaken its frumpy image in favour of a much sharper design and cool tech.

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Padtoets: Nissan Qashqai Acenta dCi

Langpad Lanie

Nissan se Qashqai was sedert sy bekendstelling in 2009 baie gou ‘n sukses en het al oor die 2 miljoen verkope wereldwyd gehad. Dit was Nissan se eerste sogenaamde “Crossover” of kompakte SNV (Sportsnutvoertuig). ‘n Nuwe Qashqai het verlede jaar op die Suid-Afrikaanse mark verskyn en met die eerste oogopslag is dit duidelik dat Nissan weer ‘n wenner beet het.

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Top 5: Range Runners

So you live in Outjo but work in Gobabis?

Don’t fear, we’ve made a list of cars that can go the furthest on one filling of the tank. You know, when the attendant does that whole click-click nozzle trick. Of course we need to remind you that these figures are based on claimed consumption and tank figures, your results may vary and depend on driving style, load and prevailing conditions. If you’re a high miler though, this list is a good start.

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Tested: Nissan Juke 1.5dCi Acenta+

The difficult show

It’s jolly difficult to start a review of Nissan’s Juke without diving head-first into its most distinguishing feature: those looks. Upon seeing it, some people repeatedly gasp for air and struggle to string together a set of deserving expletives while others smirk, smile and giggle at the sight of this odd-looking crossover.

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Launched: Nissan Almera [2013]

The circling respect

Perception. It’s a funny old thing that, teaching us that opinions and tastes will always differ. I was on the brink of writing what could’ve been the shortest review ever when I decided to shift my perception of the car in question and give you more than just one opinion of the new Nissan Almera.

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Tested: Nissan Qashqai +2 Acenta 2.0

The essential space

Some of us need a little more space than others. Be it your personal bubble in a queue, splashing out for a Business Class ticket or that trip to the plus-size shop in the mall, having room to breathe is essential. When it comes to small SUV’s, Nissan offers anyone with such requirements their Qashqai Plus Two.

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