Tested: 2018 BMW 520d M Sport

The Vegan cake

“I baked a Vegan cake!” chirps the hippy girl just ahead of us in the queue to a nature reserve. My companions and I exchange more glances, not just because her baggy trousers are continuing a marvelous disappearing act. “That’s my angle for the BMW 520d M Sport review” I whisper with confidence.

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Langpadtoets: 2017 BMW 520d

Nuwe BMW 520d ‘n uitstekende langpad vennoot

Ons het onlangs die nuwe BMW 520d (met M-Sport pakket) vir ‘n 800km langpadrit geneem en dit het ons aangenaam verras. Nie net was dit verbasend ekonomies nie, maar ook uiters gemaklik (soos gedemonstreer deur my twee snorkende passasiers).

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Top 5: Range Runners

So you live in Outjo but work in Gobabis?

Don’t fear, we’ve made a list of cars that can go the furthest on one filling of the tank. You know, when the attendant does that whole click-click nozzle trick. Of course we need to remind you that these figures are based on claimed consumption and tank figures, your results may vary and depend on driving style, load and prevailing conditions. If you’re a high miler though, this list is a good start.

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