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2014 General Tyre 4×4 African Adventure wraps up challenging 5 200 km Namibia expedition

Johannesburg, South Africa, 15 July 2014 – Travelling thousands of kilometres through some of Namibia’s most challenging terrain is not a test that you take on lightly. But the 2014 General Tyre 4×4 African Adventure did just that and completed the tour of some southern Namibia’s most scenic and remote destinations with a convoy of eight vehicles over 11 days.

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Tested: Suzuki Grand Vitara Dune Edition

The proper gap

Recently we’ve had a few discussions at work as to the nature and purpose of a few vehicles. Especially snazzy SUV’s have been in the crosshairs, the Mommy 4×4’s which won’t (and don’t) make it very far off road. Just as our debate was about to boil over, Suzuki’s revitalised Grand Vitara entered stage left.

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