South West African license plates

Whether you’re digging through old family photos or buying a clapped-out old bakkie from a farm, we have compiled a list of the old SWA numberplates:

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Namibian License Plates

Ever wondered how many Namibian towns have their own number plates? Is Otavi OT or OV? Were you stuck behind a slow OM driver for hours and want to figure out why? Well, good news, NamWheels has all the details for you below in a handy table:

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Pre-owned footprint

Pupkewitz Auto on the corner of Bell and Armstrong Streets in Windhoek opened its doors in May this year as part of the Pupkewitz Group’s aim to capture more of the pre-owned vehicle market in Namibia. As a leading new vehicle retailer, the group identified a stronger used car market as the ideal opportunity to enlarge its pre-owned dealership footprint beyond that of its franchised (brand-specific) outlets.

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Continental Tire SA

2014 General Tyre 4×4 African Adventure wraps up challenging 5 200 km Namibia expedition

Johannesburg, South Africa, 15 July 2014 – Travelling thousands of kilometres through some of Namibia’s most challenging terrain is not a test that you take on lightly. But the 2014 General Tyre 4×4 African Adventure did just that and completed the tour of some southern Namibia’s most scenic and remote destinations with a convoy of eight vehicles over 11 days.

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Tested: Suzuki Grand Vitara Dune Edition

The proper gap

Recently we’ve had a few discussions at work as to the nature and purpose of a few vehicles. Especially snazzy SUV’s have been in the crosshairs, the Mommy 4×4’s which won’t (and don’t) make it very far off road. Just as our debate was about to boil over, Suzuki’s revitalised Grand Vitara entered stage left.

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