Top5: Affordable Cars

Welcome to one of NamWheels’ more regular features – our list of top 5 car-related items.

Times are tough. You’re living on two minute noodles and your shoes have holes in them but you saved plenty of big notes (and a meaty deposit) for a shiny new car. Of course you could always look at a more affordable second-hand car (which offers better value) but we are focussing on new cars only.

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Top List: best non-4×4 ground clearance

Do you bang the middle man?

(is jy bang vir die middelmannetjie?) So you live on a plaas but don’t have / want a 4×4. Here’s a list of affordable cars with high ground clearance that are not 4×4, SUV’s, AWD, Crossovers, Bakkies, LCV’s, etc. 

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Bekendstelling: Suzuki Celerio

Suzuki se Celerio gaan in baie harte en huishoudings inkruip

In die huishoudings van baie gesinne en individue is hulle voertuig(e) baie soos hulle huisdiere. Daar is ‘n emosionele komponent wat, alhoewel straks ongesiens en onbeplan, die hart binnekruip en dan genoemde aanhangsels as’t ware in die geslote kring inlaat as deel van die daaglikse lewe.

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