Tested: Nissan NP300 Hardbody 2.5 TDi D/C 4×4

One star. ONE! Sheesh, can you believe the so-called nerve of these so-called people? First they sell us some completely outdated relic from the late nineties and now we find out that it only gets one of five brownie points for some modern crash test rating. This is an outrage. Outrage, I tell you!

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Padtoets: 2018 Ford Fiesta 1.0 Titanium

Het Ford die B-segment oorwin?

Getoets aan die einde van 2018, is die Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi Trend gekies as Galimoto Media en NamWheels se tweede “mees verbeterde” kar van die jaar. Uitmuntende kwaliteit, genoeg spasie, goeie padhouvermoe en ‘n algehele brandstof-verbruik van 4.1 liter per 100 km (ons beste nog), kon ons geensins anders laat kies nie.

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Sprint Review: 2019 Mercedes-Benz C200 Cabriolet AMG Line

Yoh, that’s pretty. How much does it cost?

You need to know: Three times. That’s how often I got asked about this car’s price in less than 12 hours. A lot of that may be down to this press unit’s striking combination of black metallic paint, sleek light clusters on every corner, pincushion Mercedes radiator grill, pale beige interior and AMG Line goodies.

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Padtoets: 2018 Ford Figo sedan

Blitsberig: Ford se nuttige nuwe Figo sedan

Die nuwe Ford Figo is in September 2018 op die Suider-Afrikaanse paaie bekend gestel. Kort daarna het ons die nuwe luikrug weergawe getoets, en was baie verras met die nuwe Figo se ‘waarde-vir-geld’ (lees meer: https://www.namwheels.com/tested-2018-ford-figo-hatch-1-5-trend-auto/).

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Renault Duster 4WD Launch Report

New Duster here to upset market.

Launched in October 2018, the 2WD Renault Duster saw a completely new version of the first iconic Duster generation (2012). We already had the chance to test this and quite liked the small SUV. Now, Renault has just launched the new 4WD version, capable of taking on the roads less traveled.

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