Tested: 2018 Mercedes-Benz A200 AMG Line

The stale flaw

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class wasn’t a hugely popular vehicle to start with. I base this claim on my powers of observation in daily traffic as well as motoring conversations in my immediate circle of influence. In fact, if I consider the unkind things my peers say about Merc’s little hatch, it shouldn’t have made it past generation one.

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Tested: 2018 Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDi Luxury

The good, the bad and the Touareg

I like to think that I’m not unjust or mean about the cars I review which is why I can count all my nasty, negative reviews on one hand. Volvo’s hapless C70 Cabrio, the first-gen BMW X1 and a cheap hatchback or two are about to get some rather illustrious company in the shape of the new Volkswagen Tiguan…

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Tested: 2018 Ford Ecosport 1.0T Trend Automatic

The unfair favour 

Some things suffer from unfair, unsolicited prejudice. Think of the perfume or aftershave your most hated boss wore, places where you got hurt as a kid, that song which reminds you of your ex, or food and drink that made you sick. See what I mean? They’re all completely innocent, much like the Ford EcoSport.

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Langtermyntoets: 2018 Honda Amaze 1.2 Comfort Handrat

Die naam sê alles.

Deesdae is daar vele vervaardigers wat wonderlike name aan nuwe voertuie gee. Name wat maklik oor die tong rol en ook dalk ‘n wenk mag gee oor hoe wonderlik en fantasties die nuwe voertuig is. Meestal gebeur dit dat die einste voertuie sukkel te voldoen aan hierdie naam. Om dus ‘n voertuig ‘n naam soos “Amaze” te gee, verg redelik baie waagmoed van Honda. In hierdie artikel sal ons kyk of die Japannese vervaardiger in dieselfde gat geval het en hul trots moet sluk, of wel ‘n verassende pakket ontwikkel het.

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Langtermyntoets: 2018 Suzuki Jimny

Welkom aan almal, by die splinternuwe Suzuki Jimny en ‘n ellelange waglys. Waarom is die splinternuwe Jimny so popular? Wel, ons het die Jimny vir ‘n maand lank getoets, spesifiek om hierdie punt te bewys.

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Tested: 2018 Mercedes-Benz S560 AMG Line

The black sorcery 

Top dog, alpha fe/male, king of the hill. These expressions may be outdated or even frowned upon in our modern society but their meaning remains the same – identifying a leader. Of course this can also be done in the automotive world and while my latest test car may have an increasing number of rivals, I think that the Mercedes S-Class is still top dog.

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Padtoets: 2018 Nissan Micra Acenta Plus

‘n Ouer tiener met meer selfvertroue

Die Nissan Micra het nog altyd ietwat gesukkel met ‘n identiteitskrisis. Tydens my studentejare was die Micra bekend as die kar waarin vroulike studente hul grimering doen terwyl hulle (onwetend) deur rooi ligte versnel.

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