Padtoets: Nissan NP300 2.5D High D/C 4×4

‘n Voertuig wat die evolusie van die bakkie segment bewys!

Die bakkie of “pickup” / “ute” mark, soos vele dit ken, is besig om na die meer eksklusiewe mark te beweeg. Die bakkie word nie meer gesien as net ‘n werks-esel nie, maar eerder ‘n voertuig wat harde werk deur die week kan doen en gemaklik die familie oor die naweek kan vervoer. Dit is om hierdie rede dat elke tweede vervaardiger deesdae hul eie weergawe probeer bou om ‘n stukkie van hierdie gewilde mark beet te kry.

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Tested: Nissan NP300 Hardbody 2.5 TDi D/C 4×4

One star. ONE! Sheesh, can you believe the so-called nerve of these so-called people? First they sell us some completely outdated relic from the late nineties and now we find out that it only gets one of five brownie points for some modern crash test rating. This is an outrage. Outrage, I tell you!

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Sprint Review: Isuzu D-Max 3.0TD Double Cab 4×4 LX

The Isuzu KB bakkie range is dead, long live the new D-Max series! (it’s basically the same…)

What you need to know: Although yours truly isn’t the biggest bakkie fan, someone thought it funny to bring us a whole string of Isuzu pick-ups to test. Starting with KB250 double cabs over “X Rider” 4×2 and 4×4 models, this D-Max denotes the new-and-improved product onslaught from the Japanese commercial vehicle manufacturer.

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Long-term test: 2017 Isuzu KB 250 D-Teq double cab X-Rider

The complete poser

Golden geese, gift horses and hands that feed – surely you are familiar with these sayings? That’s as diplomatic as I can be about our latest long-term test vehicle, a bright red Isuzu KB X-Rider double cab bakkie which most of us at NamWheels drove over the festive season 2017 / 2018.

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Tested: Ford Ranger 3.2 XLT FX4 (Limited Edition) 6-spd AT

Working around stereotypes

Hearing the word “bakkie” or “utility vehicle” immediately brings certain stereotypical thoughts to mind. Bakkies have always been seen as the business workhorse, mainly being used for carrying or towing large weights. Yet, within recent years, that stereotype may have been put to rest as more and more manufacturers are trying their hand at changing this perception.

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Tested: Chevrolet Trailblazer 2.8D LTZ 4×4

Butch presence and new gadgets – we test the updated Chevrolet Trailblazer.

Right, so you live in Suburbia, have a couple of kids and lead an active lifestyle. Where before a “Kombi”, some station wagon or 4×4 double-cab may have done the trick, your next automotive purchase must tick all those boxes. Stand around any respectable Namibian braai and most attendees would strongly advise Toyota’s recurrent Fortuner, but we at NamWheels would like to suggest the new Chevrolet Trailblazer…

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Tested: Toyota Land-Cruiser 79 Double Cab VX V8

The farm implement

The more cars I review, the more obsessed I become with their purpose. What were they built for? Are they any good at it? This inevitably leads to a few more questions. Who buys such a car? And are they using it as intended? This, as I’ve explained before, makes me appreciate cars like the Toyota Land-Cruiser 79.

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Tested: 2012 Volkswagen Amarok D/C 132kW

The dirty weekend

When last have you been to the dentist or spent some time with your mother-in-law? I’ll avoid answering both questions but can report that this past weekend, I did something I tend to avoid like the plague: drive a double-cab. Which one? A bi-turbo Volkswagen Amarok 4×2.

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Launched: Volkswagen Amarok

The German Giant

When the cat’s away, the mice will play. No sooner had our senior journalist boarded an Airbus bound for Germany and I took charge of the office. I rearranged all thumbtacks, drank all the coffee, put my feet on the desk and got myself invited to the launch of the new Volkswagen Amarok.

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