Padtoets: 2018 Honda Jazz Sport

Oorambisie vir Honda

Honda het onlangs die nuwe Civic Type R (FK8) tesame met die nuwe Jazz 1.5 Sport (voorheen bekend as die Dynamic) by die Dezzi resies baan in Durban geloods. Terwyl die Civic Type R ons asems weggeslaan het met ‘n kombinasie van uitstekende ingeneurswese en geweldige pret, het die Honda Jazz Sport ons met ‘n effense kopkrap-situasie gelos.

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Launched: 2018 Honda Jazz Sport

The successful Jazz brand continues with new Sport

The highly popular Honda Jazz brand will once again move forward with the introduction of a new Sport model. Taking the Jazz on a 180km roadtrip along the South-African east coast, we tested the abilities of the Jazz on the road, as well as the wet skid pan of Dezzi Raceway.

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Tested: Hyundai Elantra Sport

The extinct attributes

Not too long ago, things looked rather different on our roads. Only farmers and plumbers drove bakkies, Moms would zip between extramural activities in Kombis or station wagons, nobody had heard of crossovers or hybrids and occasionally you’d see something which is now almost extinct: a sports sedan.

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Launched: VW Golf & GTi

Volkswagen’s Golf range continues to set the trend – we attended the recent press launch.

When thinking about the Golf, my personal recollection is the vivid memory of my childhood friend, whose father owned a Golf GTi Mk2. It became a family member, a car that stayed in the family for 18 years. At the end, the car and family only separated due to unfortunate circumstances. In fact, until today it is likely that you’ll hear a similar story from GTi (or Golf) owners.

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Tested: Suzuki Swift Sport

The cheeky critter

Horses for courses. Apples and oranges. It’s hard to compare or recommend something if you don’t know its intended use or purpose. That’s my default excuse when someone asks me what the best car in the world is, because I don’t know what they need it for. The best car I’ve ever driven though? Easy. A Suzuki Swift Sport.

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Tested: Honda Civic Sedan 1.5 Turbo Sport

The zany looks

A few weeks ago I was on my way to Swakop when I was struck by an epiphany – we should all swap and share our cars. What quickly escalated into a mega-Uber and car thief’s delight in my head had started as a reaction to seeing the same boring vehicles all day long. Fortuner, Fortuner, Polo, Hilux, Fortuner…

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Tested: Mercedes-AMG SL 63

The almighty acceleration

The name Mercedes-Benz has always stood for luxurious automobiles and within their own pecking order, the letters “SL” tend to crown most price lists. Although slightly removed from the original abbreviation (Sporty and Light), there are few cars on the market with an illustrious heritage like the Mercedes SL.

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Pad toets: Opel Astra 1-liter

Europese Kampioen van die jaar!

Wayde van Niekerk het bewys dat bultende spiere en ‘n groot lyf nie noodwendig beter is as goeie gene nie! Dieselfde kan van die nuwe Opel Astra met sy klein 1-liter enjin gesê word. Hier in die 1970’s was die vierkantige Kadett ‘n gesogte voertuig wat eerlike waarde vir geld verteenwoordig het…

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