Top List: Fastest Bakkies (Pick-up Trucks)

It had to be done. A list of the fastest locally-available Bakkies (Afrikaans for pick-up trucks) we’ve ever tested, ranked by the best 0-100km/h acceleration time achieved out of a minimum of three runs.
Please note: this list only contains Double-Cab Turbo-diesel Bakkies!

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Top List: 0-100km/h times

So we don’t just drive around aimlessly, take random photos or count all the cup holders of test cars – oh no. Whenever we can, there’s a quiet stretch of road which we like to visit with our clever GPS device and a GoPro to measure and film a car’s acceleration. So; for your and everyone else’s entertainment, here is a list of all our measured 0-100km/h times (most with video!) from fastest to slowest:

Last updated: November 2023

Please read our Legend and disclaimer at the bottom of the page!

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Sprint Review: Toyota Etios Sprint

One new car, lots of information in short paragraphs

What you may want to know: From the moment our test car arrived it was crystal clear that, thanks to its name, this car was always going to get a Sprint Review. Toyota’s cheapy Etios range is available in hatchback or sedan shape with a 1.5-litre petrol engine and three spec levels – Xi, Cross (hatchback only) or this “Sprint” version.

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Geskiedenis: Alfa Romeo word honderd

Alfa Romeo word honderd; baie geluk Fiat!

Die befaamde Italiaanse vervaardiger, Alfa Romeo, het so pas hulle honderdjarige bestaan gevier. Nie net in sy geboortestad en land nie maar ook hier in die Kaap. En die regte plek in die Kaap is natuurlik die Franschhoek Motormuseum wat deur die Rupert familie met hul sin vir geskiedenis en tradisie ‘n paar jaar terug op die been gebring het. Dit was dan ook hier waar die lede van die Kaapse Alfa Romeo Klub op 27 Junie hulle skitterblink vuurwaens kon vertoon.

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