Bekendstelling: Honda Civic Type R

Honda se nuwe Blits!

In hierdie tye van besparing en kommer oor skadelike gasse kan mens wonder of daar nog ‘n aanvraag is vir opgewarmde sportiewe luikrugmodelle wat gebou is vir spoed eerder as ekonomie. Maar as jy na die lys van aanbiedings op die mark kyk is daar nogal heelwat. Die bekendste is seker Volkswagen se Golf GTI wat al lank met ons is. Dan is daar ook die Opel Astra OPC en die Renault Megane RS en later in 2016 kom die Ford Focus ST.

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Tested: Audi S1 Sportback

The mental case

Today I bring you further evidence that Audi has gone a bit mental. Not content with building quality motor cars, their engineers have produced fine fast cars over the years. After building such monsters as R8, RS7, S8, RS4 and S3, they recently cornered the tiny A1, looked at each other and nodded quietly.

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Tested: Chevrolet Sonic RS

The frisky number

One of the most popular automotive segments in the world and our country is the hot hatchback. You know the type. Medium-sized, two- or four-door runabouts minus a boot plus a whack of horsepower and go-faster bits. Today I’d like to introduce you to the latest arrival, Chevrolet’s Sonic RS.

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Tested: Opel Astra OPC

The crunchy monster

Despite what you may read in the media, don’t believe a word about performance cars disappearing soon. I always cite BMW’s 1M and Ford’s Focus RS which arrived in South Africa already sold out. The hot hatch segment’s never been bigger and just welcomed another contender: Opel’s Astra OPC.

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Tested: 2012 Toyota 86 (Auto)

The emperor’s coat

Once or twice a week my computer pings at me and announces the imminent arrival of a new test car. Should the electronic reminder include the word “Toyota”, my heart usually sinks in expectation of drab plastics, blunt sheet metal and, with the FJ-flavoured exception, a week of lacklustre driving.

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