Launch Report: Hyundai i20 Facelift

Hot on the heels of the Grand i10 refresh, its bigger brother i20 just received an injection of youth.

How do you improve on perfection? While it may seem odd to use that term for the report of a Hyundai i20 refresh, I struggled to see where (or why) they even bothered. The outgoing model only arrived 2,5 years ago and in my humble opinion, it still looked perfectly modern while offering a great value proposition.

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Tested: Hyundai i20 Sport

The naughty hiss

Back in the old days, cars were so much simpler. If you wanted a faster ride, good old tuning and mechanical tinkering would help whereas nowadays you need a software degree and laptop. Now Hyundai South Africa has come up with something in between, a modern car with some sporty tuning.

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Launch Report: 2016 Hyundai H1 update

The bang bus

As our first launch report for 2016, it’s only fitting that it should start with a bang. Bang for your buck, that is. In a market where small city runabouts long surpassed six figures and compact luxury sedans are pushing half a bar, it’s great to know that Hyundai’s updated H1 bus range represents excellent value.

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Top List: best non-4×4 ground clearance

Do you bang the middle man?

(is jy bang vir die middelmannetjie?) So you live on a plaas but don’t have / want a 4×4. Here’s a list of affordable cars with high ground clearance that are not 4×4, SUV’s, AWD, Crossovers, Bakkies, LCV’s, etc. 

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Tested: Hyundai Grand i10 Fluid

The big fun

Today, the Hyundai Grand i10 and I would like to teach you a lesson. Don’t worry; it’s not the hurting kind but rather the opposite – small cars can be fun. The harsh reality is that practicality and price rule when your budget is tighter than two coats of paint but you shouldn’t settle for something cheap ‘n nasty.

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Bekendstelling: Hyundai Accent Luikrug

Paslaken tussen die i20’s en i30’s

‘n Ander opskrif vir die artikel miskien ‘n Noord-Kaapse sêding gewees het;  “tussen die tjoep en die taaier.” Daar is net-net plek vir die paslaken tussen die twee bestaande modelle en dit is meer ‘n saak van die verskil in pryse as in grootte wat die nuwe aankomeling so welkom maak op ons mark.

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Launched: Hyundai Accent hatchback

The new reason

By now, Hyundai’s success story is well documented and the Korean manufacturer has carefully crafted its tracks in the local motor industry. With over 50,000 units sold last year, Hyundai’s S.A. division ranks 13th worldwide and has helped the global brand from 6th to 5th position for car makers.

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