Tested: 2012 Lexus GS350

Taming the beast

I once participated in a casual conversation where it was said that women don’t form an attachment to the car they drive. At the time, I argued vehemently to the contrary but upon later reflection, I realised that maybe there was some truth in the statement and that women are far less inclined to lavish the same amount of love, care and attention on their cars as men do and likewise, myself certainly, will happily move on from one to the next without regret. That was until I had the privilege of driving a Lexus GS350 for a week.

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Bekendstelling: Nuwe Lexus GS-reeks [2012]

Beiere se Moses?

Heel toevallig bel ‘n neef uit die Noordkaap om my mening te hoor oor ‘n motor wat vervang moet word twee aande vóór die bekendstelling van die nuwe Lexus op Franschhoek. My advies aan Neef Gert was dat hy, wat lang en ver paaie teen ongeoorloofde hoë snelhede aflê, maar na een van die Beierse renperde kan kyk wat ek oor die jare baie goed leer ken het. Dit was ‘n ligte foutjie!

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Tested: 2011 Jaguar XF S

The fancy feast

If I mention the word Jaguar do you also think of a spotted tiger and stodgy British cars? More senior readers might lean back, tug on their pipes and reminisce about Le Mans D-Types, sexy E-Types and Mark Twos but you’ll be hard-pressed to locate a fanatical S-Type or X-Type owner.

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Tested: 2010 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT

The pleasant surprise

Prepare to be surprised in a pleasant way, especially if you aren’t familiar with the latest GT version of the Subaru Legacy. This mid-size sedan never really made a big impression on me right up to the minute that I set eyes on our burgundy metallic test mule with its taught body panels and where-can-I-buy-those 18-inch mag wheels.

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