South West African license plates

Whether you’re digging through old family photos or buying a clapped-out old bakkie from a farm, we have compiled a list of the old SWA numberplates:

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Namibian License Plates

Ever wondered how many Namibian towns have their own number plates? Is Otavi OT or OV? Were you stuck behind a slow OM driver for hours and want to figure out why? Well, good news, NamWheels has all the details for you below in a handy table:

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Local Report: 2016 DRAG WARS

Serious machines, superbikes, a whole lot of fun and a new Namibian record!

Team RMC of Namibia with Speed & Sound hosted 16 fast cars from South Africa at the recent ‘DRAG WARS’ held at an airfield in Okahandja on Saturday 23 July 2016. This was the third installment of this amazing cross-border saga between Namibia and South Africa and, quite fittingly, took three months to plan and organise.

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