NamWheels Cars of the Year 2017

Like last year, we asked you to vote for your favourites through our new website and social media pages but, unlike last year, y’all must’ve been so drunk that you couldn’t be bothered.

Well, except for the two peeps who commented “how much this” and “black”, thus further concreting our belief that everyone was completely plastered this holiday season.

So. These are the cars WE think are deserving of a mention (and a spot of attention) listed with the pros and cons for each 2017 newcomer.

1) Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

PROS: Versatility, Space, Comfort, Price
CONS: None

2) Suzuki Ignis

PROS: Versatility, Features, Comfort, Price
CONS: Power

3) Hyundai Creta

PROS: Versatility, Features, Space
CONS: None

4) Volvo S90

PROS: Features, Space, Comfort
CONS: Price

5) Toyota CHR

PROS: Versatility, Features, Looks
CONS: Looks

6) Range Rover Velar

PROS: Versatility, Features, Looks
CONS: Price

7) Volkswagen Amarok V6

PROS: Versatility, Power
CONS: Price

8) Audi A5 Coupé

PROS: Comfort, Power
CONS: Price, Versatility

9) BMW 4-Series Cabrio

PROS: Comfort, Looks
CONS: Price, Versatility

10) Mercedes-AMG E43

PROS: Power, Space
CONS: Price, Comfort

11) Ford Fiesta ST200

PROS: Power
CONS: Price, Comfort


Toyota Hilux

Oh, beeeg surprise, the most popular vehicle in southern Africa won our Car of the Year title with 26% of all votes. Unfortunately, these competitions are not popularity (or sales number) contest otherwise the Hilux would win every year. Every. Single. Year.


Go on, don’t be shy! 

We want to hear what your thoughts are on these cars or anything else related to Car of the Year competitions? Find us on social media by searching for “NamWheels” or drop us a line on our Contact page.

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