Sprint Review: Suzuki Baleno Manual GLX

The darkest horse of them all

The Suzuki Baleno was introduced into the Southern-African market in 2016 and while it has not created many waves since, we at NamWheels believe it to be the other way around. Why look away from a car with outstanding fuel consumption, massive amounts of space, a reliable engine, and a B-segment price, even if it challenges the price offering of most C-segment cars?

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Newly updated Suzuki Swift carries along its sporty DNA

Suzuki South Africa is currently experiencing tremendous growth, breaking their own sales records on a near-monthly basis. The brand which started its reincarnation in 2008 with the sporty Swift now has a few upgrades to its latest generation, launched in 2018.

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Tested: 2018 Suzuki Jimny GLX AllGrip

The iconic spiel

Ford Mustang, Ferrari F40, Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. All of these are legends in their own right and will get you plenty of attention but if you need a little more – right now I guarantee it – just get yourself the brand-new Suzuki Jimny. Our test car’s black stickers on crazy lumo-green-yellow paint can probably help as well.

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Langtermyntoets: 2018 Suzuki Jimny

Welkom aan almal, by die splinternuwe Suzuki Jimny en ‘n ellelange waglys. Waarom is die splinternuwe Jimny so popular? Wel, ons het die Jimny vir ‘n maand lank getoets, spesifiek om hierdie punt te bewys.

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Padtoets: Suzuki Baleno 1.4 GLX (Handrat)

Een Baleno (Bah-leno) asseblief!

Die nuwe Suzuki Baleno het in 2016 op Suid-Afrikaanse grond geland. Ietwat langer (87mm) as die Swift model, val die Baleno dan reg in kompetisie met die Volkswagen Polo, Ford Fiesta, Renualt Clio en Opel Corsa. Dit is ook selfs genoem dat die Baleno dalk die Swift reeks heeltemal mag vervang, maar dis egter net bespiegelings. Die groot vraag dan: Is die Baleno ‘n meetbare kompiteerder in hierdie gewilde mark?

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