Comparison: Honda BR-V 1.5 Manual vs CVT

Continually Variable Transmission. That’s what CVT stands for, although in the mind of the car-buying public – especially South Africans and Namibians – it also stands for irritating noises and dragged-out power delivery. NamWheels compares identical cars with vastly different gearboxes…

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Launch Report: Hyundai Tucson Diesel

The strong contender

The new Hyundai Tucson has been making quite a few waves since it arrived in our market around March of this year. Besides its double name change from Tucson to ix35 and back to Tucson again for this third generation SUV, it’s also garnered quite a bit of praise from the local media. Chicks dig it.

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Sprint Review: Volkswagen Polo GTi (Manual)

One new car, lots of information in random paragraphs.

Some facts: Volkswagen has refreshed its Polo range with more efficient engines and better technology, at the same time giving the hot-headed GTi a good seeing-to. Where once pounded a 1.4-litre heart, the new Polo GTi now has a growling 1.8-litre with 141kW; in DSG or Manual.

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Launch Report: 2015 Chevrolet Cruze

The serious contender

As one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world, Chevrolet took a bit of strain after the recent recession yet the American giant was blessed with perfect timing as that coincided with the launch of their new world beater – a passenger car for markets around the globe – the Chevrolet Cruze.

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Launched: Volkswagen Golf SV

The brilliant plus

Although we are blessed with a multitude of cars – some may even argue abundance – there are some models which we don’t get. Next to any left-hand-drive-only examples, quite a few sub-species don’t always make it to our shores. One such car was the Volkswagen Golf Plus.

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Launched: Mercedes-Benz CLA

The hip sedan

Caution caution, I’m about to go into grumpy old man mode. What happened to common courtesy and good manners? Why do our lives move quicker and quicker? Who needs all these new cars we have on our market? Take the new Mercedes-Benz CLA, for example.

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Launched: Volvo 60 Series [2013]

The crazy love

People. That’s who Volvo alleges their cars are made for. Until dogs or potted plants learn to drive, it may be a painfully obvious statement but, together with their hashphrase #MadeForYou, it does evoke warm fuzziness that this isn’t just another cold-hearted maker of mass transport.

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Launched: Audi A3 Sportback 

The sophisticated choice

Good news. If you’re in the market for a premium hatchback, your extremely tasty choices have just been supplemented with a rejuvenated version of an old favourite – the Audi A3 Sportback. Ingolstadt’s regular 3-door A3 arrived late last year, the Sportback 5-door version took a little longer to gestate.

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Launched: Honda CR-V

The renewed charge

The Honda CR-V enjoys quite a strong following in our neck of the woods, primarily due to its versatility, comfort, quality and incredible reliability. As the fourth generation ties its laces in the starting block, you may even find first or second generation cars still motoring around your neighbourhood.

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