Launch Report: Volkswagen T-Cross

The long-awaited T-Cross makes its way to our shores

Volkswagen South Africa has just launched its first small-compact SUV contender, just as the German manufacturer announced its new ideals for future mobility. The question, however, begs if Volkswagen did not maybe join the compact SUV rivalry too late? Well, Volkswagen took us on a roadtrip along the Garden Route to prove skeptics wrong.

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Launched: VW Golf & GTi

Volkswagen’s Golf range continues to set the trend – we attended the recent press launch.

When thinking about the Golf, my personal recollection is the vivid memory of my childhood friend, whose father owned a Golf GTi Mk2. It became a family member, a car that stayed in the family for 18 years. At the end, the car and family only separated due to unfortunate circumstances. In fact, until today it is likely that you’ll hear a similar story from GTi (or Golf) owners.

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Tested: Volkswagen Caravelle

Family adventure for your next holiday? We tested the perfect car for the trip…

Purpose. I’ve uttered this before but it’s one of my fascinations with modern vehicles – do they fulfil the role they were made for? When “Volkswagen” and “Caravelle” popped up on my calendar I knew exactly what to do… organize an epic family road trip into the middle of nowhere.

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His & Hers: Renault Megane GT

Hers and His review / comparison

Renault South Africa recently introduced their spiffy new Megane range and, not long after the local launch, brought us a deep blue metallic Megane GT Sport. With two testers doing most of the driving, we thought of drawing straws for the review but rather decided to combine our impressions in a neat his and hers review.

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