Top 5: Cars of the Year 2016

So here’s something different. Each year we list our favourite new cars which were launched over the last 12 months but this time around, instead of us telling you which ones we liked, our Facebook page invited YOU to vote your favourite new ride of 2016.

The list of candidates was chosen from the launches we attended or vehicles we thought were brilliant newcomers and worthy of being included in this line-up.

1) Toyota Hilux (26% of votes)

No huge surprise here, the Hilux is one of Namibia’s favourite vehicles because of its great versatility, excellent reliability and dealer count. The new model features daring new looks and crucial drive-train updates.

2) Audi A4 and VW Tiguan (12.5% each)

We have a tie! Happily these two (and No.3) come from the same stable so the VW Group products can also claim to be well-received with Namibians. The updated A4 is superbly refined, the brand-new Tiguan even more so.

3) VW Golf GTi Clubsport (10% of votes) 

In solid third place lies the limited-edition Golf GTi Clubsport, proving that Namibians like a fast car. While this model may be rather exclusive, its popularity explains why 70% of all Golf sales in southern Africa are GTi’s.

4) Isuzu KB Facelift (8% of votes)

Who claimed that South Africa is a “bakkie country”? Well, they should visit their north-western neighbour because plainly, we are just as crazy about a versatile workhorse with leisure capabilities.

5) Honda Civic Type R (7% of votes)

Just missing out on fourth spot is one of the hottest machines to have come from Honda. Although not limited in numbers, this hatch is even wilder than the GTi in third place. We do like powerful cars in Namibia, don’t we?


Mercedes-Benz A-Class facelift (6% of votes)

Toyota Fortuner (5% of votes)

Audi A3 and Hyundai Tucson (3% of votes each)

Opel Astra and Mercedes E-Class (<3% of votes each)

Honda Civic sedan and Volkswagen Caddy (<1% of votes each)

Smart Fortwo and Suzuki Baleno (No votes)


New cars which also impressed us but weren’t launched in 2016 include the following:

• Audi A8
• BMW 740i
• Chevrolet Captiva 2.2 D
• Ford Ranger 2.2
• Mazda MX-5
• Volkswagen up! 4-door
• Volvo V40 Facelift
• Volvo XC90

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