Hyundai model codes

Which series shares a code with the Atos? And how many generations of Sonata have there been? Take a look at our condensed list of Hyundai model codes to answer these and any other questions.

CodeDescriptionBody shape(s)FromTo
X3Accent Mk13dr, 5dr, sedan, coupé19941999
LCAccent Mk23dr, 5dr, sedan19992005
MCAccent Mk33dr, sedan20052011
RBAccent Mk4 5dr, sedan20112018
HCAccent Mk55dr, sedan, estate2017
AHSantro Mk1 / Atos5dr19982003
AH1Santro Mk2 / Atos5dr20032014
AH2Santro Mk35dr2018
FFAtos Mk15dr19972014
PAi10 Mk15dr20072017
IA/BAi10 Mk25dr2013
LAi10 Mk35dr2019
TBGetz3dr, 5dr20022011
PBi20 Mk13dr, 5dr20082014
GBi20 Mk23dr, 5dr2014
J1Elantra Mk1sedan19901995
J2/RDElantra Mk2sedan, estate19952000
XDElantra Mk35dr, sedan20002011
HDElantra Mk4sedan20062009
MD/UDElantra Mk5sedan, coupé20102015
ADElantra Mk6sedan2015
FDi30 Mk15dr, estate20072012
GDi30 Mk23dr, 5dr, estate20112017
PDi30 Mk35dr, estate, liftback2017
Y1Sonata Mk1sedan19851988
Y2Sonata Mk2sedan19881993
Y3Sonata Mk3sedan19931998
EFSonata Mk4sedan19982004
NFSonata Mk5sedan20042009
YFSonata Mk6sedan20092014
LFSonata Mk7sedan20142019
DN8Sonata Mk8sedan2019
LGrandeur Mk1sedan19861992
LXGrandeur Mk2sedan19921998
XGGrandeur Mk3sedan19992005
TGGrandeur Mk4sedan20062011
HGGrandeur Mk5sedan20122017
IGGrandeur Mk6sedan2018
BHGenesis Mk1sedan20092014
DHGenesis Mk2 / G80sedan20152016
LZ/YJEquus Mk1sedan19992009
VIEquus Mk2sedan20092016
RCTiburon Mk1coupé 19962001
RD platform19961999
RD2 platform19992001
GKTiburon Mk2coupé 20022008
FSVeloster Mk13dr coupé 20112017
JMTucson Mk1SUV20042009
LMix35 (Tucson Mk2)SUV20092015
TLTucson Mk3SUV2015
SMSanta Fe Mk1SUV20002006
CMSanta Fe Mk2SUV20062012
DM/NCSanta Fe Mk3SUV2012
TMSanta Fe Mk4SUV2018
FCLavita / MatrixMPV20012010
A1Starex / H-1 Mk1van, bus, pickup19972007
TQStarex / H-1 Mk2van, bus 2007

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