Discontinued Cars

The quiet exits

So you’re on your way to buy a new Chevy Sonic or finally order that big Honda Accord. Bad news – you’ll only find those on crunchy gravel forecourts laced with colourful bunting and misspelled slogans. For your entertainment (or misery) we’ve made a small list of cars that are no more.

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Launch Report: Volkswagen T6

The legendary status

Talk about a trip down memory lane. When Volkswagen invited us to attend the launch of their new, sixth generation T6 models, the manufacturer hauled out plenty of dusty memories and a few shiny examples of previous models. They even gave it an ad slogan which rightly claims that “legendary status comes standard”.

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Tested: 2011 Volkswagen Passat TSI Comfortline DSG

The jerky pleasure

Pull up a chair and settle down in the middle of obscurity and the apex of pleasantness. Volkswagen’s Passat has always been an agreeable motor car which few people understood, especially since the favoured four-door Volksie sedan on local shores has long been the Jetta.

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