Volvo XC60 T6 vs V90 Cross Country D5

There you are, standing outside your local Volvo dealership after close of business and that stunning blue XC60 you had your heart set on is parked next to a cool grey V90 Cross Country. Dang it, which dotted line do you sign on?

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Padtoets: 2018 Volkswagen Arteon 2.0 TDI 4 Motion R-Line

Volkswagen se kunswerk

Na sy bekendstelling in 2018 het die splinternuwe Volkswagen Arteon die voertuigmark met ambisie aangegryp. Nie net lyk dit heeltemal anders as ander Volkswagens in die huidige lyn nie, maar is dit ook veel meer eksklusief, met etlike herinneringe aan die Passat, CC en selfs die Volkswagen Phaeton.

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Discontinued Cars

The quiet exits

So you’re on your way to buy a new Chevy Sonic or finally order that big Honda Accord. Bad news – you’ll only find those on crunchy gravel forecourts laced with colourful bunting and misspelled slogans. For your entertainment (or misery) we’ve made a small list of cars that are no more.

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0-100km/h times [2012]

The trump cards

Many people will argue that naught to a hundred times are childish and irrelevant, an automotive statistic only useful at the bar counter or in a pack of trump cards. Others will defend this benchmark test as a measure of a car’s performance, perhaps even reasoning that it’s important to know how quickly a car accelerate away from potential harm, or onto a motorway. 

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Tested: 2012 Volkswagen CC V6

The sleek attempt

Time for a quick course in German. Volk means Nation and Wagen means Vehicle; more or less. Combine the two with the obligatory “s” in between and you get Nation’s Vehicle or, if you like, People’s Car. Despite a faint whiff of socialism, that’s what Volkswagen stands for – the nation’s vehicle.

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Bekendstelling: Volkswagen CC [2012]

Cabriolet en Coupé in een voertuig

Sedert die bekendstelling van die Volkswagen CC in Suid-Afrika en Namibië, ongeveer vier jaar gelede, was hierdie vierdeur koepee reg van die begin af  ‘n treffer en was dit veral die opvallende en sportiewe ontwerp van die motor wat heel eerstens die oog getref het. Dit is dus ook geen wonder dat die Volkswagen CC in Europa en ook in Australië verskeie pryse vir sy ontwerp gewen het nie.

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Tested: 2011 Volkswagen Passat TSI Comfortline DSG

The jerky pleasure

Pull up a chair and settle down in the middle of obscurity and the apex of pleasantness. Volkswagen’s Passat has always been an agreeable motor car which few people understood, especially since the favoured four-door Volksie sedan on local shores has long been the Jetta.

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