Volvo model codes

Welcome, purveyors of fine Volvo model codes! Are the NK and NC models closely related? What’s the alternative code for the V40 Cross Country? All your questions should be answered by the handy table listed below:

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Padtoets: GWM C30 Sedan

Jan Alleman se gesinsmotor van die jaar?

Die motormark het die jaar goed begin met ‘n hele aantal nuwe, klein luikmotors wat die verbeelding aangryp, veral omdat die pryse reg is in ‘n ekonomie wat maar net nie op dreef wil kom nie. Ons almal weet wat die redes daarvoor is, of ons dink ons weet!

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Tested: 2012 Volvo V40 D2

The extra attention

Yesterday while cruising through some bustling and café-laden side streets, I realised that my current test vehicle must nudge the upper limits of cool and trendy. Some may disagree but I’ve experienced plenty of rubber-necking and made two new friends thanks to the Volvo V40.

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Tested: 2012 Volvo C30 T5 R-Design

The thumping grace

Did you design your own house? Have you got a truly puzzling music collection? You have an iguana instead of a retriever, don’t you? If you refuse to go mainstream by getting a Golf GTi and have been longing for something rather eccentric with a dash of fun, meet the Volvo C30 T5 R-Design.

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