Sprint Review: Subaru WRX

One new car, lots of information in random paragraphs.

What you need to know: The artist previously known as Impreza Sedan WRX is now just the WRX, thanks to Subaru’s culling of the hatchback version. Heavily infused with World Rally genes, this car has a turbo-charged flat-four (Boxer) petrol engine which sends up to 197kW or 350Nm to all four wheels.

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Tested: Mercedes-Benz GLA200 CDI

The alluring ticket

Purpose. It’s a subject I can’t shake every time I test a new car and the most fascinating topic when discussing people’s choice of vehicle. There’s no rule or law which dictates the proper use of a vehicle which is why you’ll find 4×4’s on the school run and small Asian rentals knee-deep in Sossusvlei sand.

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Launched: Hyundai Accent hatchback

The new reason

By now, Hyundai’s success story is well documented and the Korean manufacturer has carefully crafted its tracks in the local motor industry. With over 50,000 units sold last year, Hyundai’s S.A. division ranks 13th worldwide and has helped the global brand from 6th to 5th position for car makers.

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