Bekendstelling: Citroen Cactus

Citroen is weer anders met nuwe C4 Cactus

Die Citroëns van die ou dae het ‘n reputasie gehad van ‘n bietjie anders wees maar die laaste paar jaar was hulle maar nog net deel van die hoofstroom Europese motors. Nou het Citroën met die nuwe C4 Cactus weer ‘n model wat jy op ‘n afstand kan uitken tussen die ander. Party mense sal dink hy is pragtig, terwyl ander weer glad nie van sy voorkoms sal hou nie. In Suid-Afrika vervang die Cactus die C4 reeks.

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The motorised misconceptions

Today’s rant is being flung in your general direction from the dizzy height of my high horse where I aim to slay many motorised misconceptions thought up by automotive ignoramuses. Feel free to validate any of these claims with your local petrol head or grease monkey.

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Five-cylinder engines

The fantastic five

A gruff, off-beat sound usually accompanied by a whistling turbo charger can only mean one thing: five cylinders. With even numbers being the preferred stencil for engine manufacturing, the five-pot is just as quirky and potentially unbalanced as those little three-cylinders.

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0-100km/h times [2012]

The trump cards

Many people will argue that naught to a hundred times are childish and irrelevant, an automotive statistic only useful at the bar counter or in a pack of trump cards. Others will defend this benchmark test as a measure of a car’s performance, perhaps even reasoning that it’s important to know how quickly a car accelerate away from potential harm, or onto a motorway. 

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Launched: Hyundai i30 [2012]

The sensible focus

Last week saw the introduction of the Hyundai i30, a compact hatchback competing in the C-segment against favourites like the VW Golf, Opel Astra and Ford Focus. The Korean is all-new and armed with a few goodies to create some European headaches.

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Tested: 2012 Volvo C30 T5 R-Design

The thumping grace

Did you design your own house? Have you got a truly puzzling music collection? You have an iguana instead of a retriever, don’t you? If you refuse to go mainstream by getting a Golf GTi and have been longing for something rather eccentric with a dash of fun, meet the Volvo C30 T5 R-Design.

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Bekendstelling: Nuwe Fluence [2011]

Renault raak ernstig!

Met die bekendstelling van die nuwe Fluence, was die plaaslike bestuur van Renault baie eerlik om te erken dat alles die afgelope paar jaar in Suid-Afrika nie reg geloop het nie. Hulle is ook baie ernstig om dit reg te stel en om so die negatiewe persepsies wat kopers van die modelle en diens het, om te swaai.

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Tested: 2010 Ford Focus RS

The rare beast

Sometime last month I won the lottery. Well, not really; but it felt like it when the phone rang and someone announced that they’re bringing over a limited edition Ford with, and I quote, “lots of wings and fins on it.” I knew exactly what they were talking about and immediately thought “Jackpot!”

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Testfahrt: Ford Focus RS

Die seltene Bestie

Vor ein paar Wochen habe ich das Lotto gewonnen. Naja, eigentlich nicht, aber es kam mir so vor als das Telefon klingelte und der Gesprächspartner mir berichtete, daß ich einen Ford mit “vielen Flügeln und Spoilern” zum Testen bekomme. Ich wußte sofort wovon die Rede war, deshalb dachte ich mir sofort “Sechs Richtige!”

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