Launched: Audi A8 Facelift

The crucial updates

Do you remember Gerhard Schröder? The ex-Chancellor of Germany may be best known for his various policies and four wives but to me he’ll always be the guy who swapped the obligatory black Merc for an Audi A8. My family was equally impressed and to this day we still refer to any A8 as a “Schröder Auto”.

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Padtoets: Renault Clio lll 1,6 Yahoo!

Google gerus hierdie een!

Renault kom al ‘n lang pad in Suid-Afrika, langer as die meeste Europese fabrikante in die land. Maar ongelukkig was dit ‘n kwessie van kom en gaan en dan weer kom – hopelik om te bly. Met so ‘n wye reeks van modelle op die plaaslike mark, waarvan sommige baie gewild is op ‘n waarde per Rand grondslag en boonop plaaslik gebou word, is die kanse baie goed dat Renault nog lank met ons sal wees.

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Launched: Mercedes-Benz C/E63 AMG 

The intoxicating blend

After a tad of insomnia and some Google-assisted self diagnosis, it turns out that I have a severe case of withdrawal symptoms. Dilated pupils, dry mouth, extended forearms with clenched fists, restlessness and thundering big block noises in my ears lead me to believe that I yearn for more sixty-three ah emm gee. 

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