Comparison: Volvo XC90 vs everyone else

Why is it always the poor Volvos we compare to other vehicles? We at NamWheels believe that they offer such refreshing alternatives to those regular market dominators that direct comparisons are absolutely necessary.

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Tested: 2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Q4

Like it or not, our automotive world has moved in a distinct direction. Once everyone in Namibia (actually, southern Africa) had figured out how practical a modern SUV can be, there was no stopping its proliferation. Although the performance-SUV is nothing new, I recently tested this exciting newcomer from Alfa…

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Tested: 2018 Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDi Luxury

The good, the bad and the Touareg

I like to think that I’m not unjust or mean about the cars I review which is why I can count all my nasty, negative reviews on one hand. Volvo’s hapless C70 Cabrio, the first-gen BMW X1 and a cheap hatchback or two are about to get some rather illustrious company in the shape of the new Volkswagen Tiguan…

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Lineage: Volkswagen Touareg

Four years ago, Volkswagen achieved the unthinkable, in a car which is fairly well known on South-African and Namibian roads. Completing a 19 000km route across 21 countries in a time of nine days, four hours and eight minutes, a team of three Germans travelled from Cape Agulhas (South Africa) to Norkapp (Norway).

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Top List: Boot Space

Ag no man. Your mother-in-law is coming along on holiday and the kids want to take ALL their toys and sports equipment along. Where are you going to fit all of this?

Perhaps you have already invested in a sizable trailer and decent roof-top box but your car simply can’t handle more luggage. Well, we at NamWheels love to help and have compiled a list of cars with at least 400L of luggage space. Big enough to put your skoonma in the boot.

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Top 5: Tow Vehicles

So it’s finally holiday time and you’re off to the coast with your boat to visit the in-laws. Or perhaps your daughter got a new horse for Christmas? In both cases you have our sympathy.

Jokes aside though, here’s our little list of cars that can tow big loads, arranged by number of models and total weight. Please note that we based this list on manufacturer’s figures and advise that you confirm any data with your local retailer.

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Bekendstelling: Volkswagen se nuwe Touaregs

Vir Ernstige Pret tussen Noorweë en Kaap Agulhas

Volkswagen van Suid-Afrika het so-pas sy nuwe reeks Touaregs aan die pers bekend gestel. Hiermee het hulle weereens bevestig dat hierdie vuurwa die beste van die bestes in rowwe terrein en modder, snelweë en sand in die skande kan steek. Die naam Touareg roep immers beelde van wilde woestyn-Arabiere op kamele in die Sahara se sandduine op.

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Tested: Audi A8 V8T

The understated confidence

Sometimes I wonder if car reviews are actually read and appreciated by the subject’s prospective buyer. Whereas I’m sure that small hatchback and family sedan shoppers do a substantial amount of homework before hitting the showrooms, do the punters of an Audi A8 long wheelbase do the same?

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