Tested: Chrysler 300C V6

The gigantic American

The other day I met a fabulously wealthy man. Casually dressed and very interesting to chat to, it didn’t take long before I steered our conversation to the topic of cars. Although this investment mogul could buy any car he wanted to – no really, any car – his preferred mode of transport is a Chrysler 300C.

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The hidden gems

Despite fluctuating sales the motoring industry has never offered more diversity and consumers are absolutely spoilt rotten for choice when it comes to selecting their next set of wheels. We at NamWheels have compiled a wee list of cars which we believe to be hidden gems.

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Tested: 2012 Chrysler 300C V6 CRD

The ahhsum block

If my television is anything to go by, American vocabulary has decreased to just two overused phrases; “Ermegherd” and “ahhsum”. While the first one is slightly blasphemous, I’d be happy to use the second to describe this week’s test car: Chrysler’s new 300C.

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Padtoets: 2009 Chevrolet Lumina SS

Die Chev Lumina SS bult nog meer spiere.

Soos daar sekere dinge, gebeure en verskynsels in die lewe is wat wetmatig vasstaan en waaraan daar nie veel verander of gedoen kan word nie, so sal daar altyd in die wêreld van motorentoesiaste argumente gevoer en vergelykings getref word oor die voordele en nadele van die verskillende make en modelle.

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