Top 5: Crazy Rides

Let us guess. You are the kind of person who can identify most cars by their sound. You have seen every episode of Top Gear. You enjoy the smell of freshly-burned rubber. Petrol attendants start dancing when they see you coming and the local tyre retailer knows you by your first name. You need a list of cars that’ll excite you. You need this top5…

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Long term test: Honda Accord 2L

The six reasons

It turns out that we were on our best behavior throughout the year as we found a new Honda Accord under our Christmas tree last year. Although we weren’t allowed to keep the maroon metallic sedan indefinitely, the kind folks at Honda allowed us to use it all through the festive season.

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0-100km/h times [2012]

The trump cards

Many people will argue that naught to a hundred times are childish and irrelevant, an automotive statistic only useful at the bar counter or in a pack of trump cards. Others will defend this benchmark test as a measure of a car’s performance, perhaps even reasoning that it’s important to know how quickly a car accelerate away from potential harm, or onto a motorway. 

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Tested: 2010 Ford Focus RS

The rare beast

Sometime last month I won the lottery. Well, not really; but it felt like it when the phone rang and someone announced that they’re bringing over a limited edition Ford with, and I quote, “lots of wings and fins on it.” I knew exactly what they were talking about and immediately thought “Jackpot!”

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Testfahrt: Ford Focus RS

Die seltene Bestie

Vor ein paar Wochen habe ich das Lotto gewonnen. Naja, eigentlich nicht, aber es kam mir so vor als das Telefon klingelte und der Gesprächspartner mir berichtete, daß ich einen Ford mit “vielen Flügeln und Spoilern” zum Testen bekomme. Ich wußte sofort wovon die Rede war, deshalb dachte ich mir sofort “Sechs Richtige!”

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Tested: 2010 Chevrolet Lumina SS

The cruel temptation

Certain cars raise the eyelids and saliva levels of petrol heads and guarantee their owners, even temporary ones, a crowd of inquisitive onlookers. The escalating-pitch one-word “And?” is a favourite question you’ll have to endure when you hold the key to a Chevrolet Lumina SS.

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Padtoets: 2009 Chevrolet Lumina SS

Die Chev Lumina SS bult nog meer spiere.

Soos daar sekere dinge, gebeure en verskynsels in die lewe is wat wetmatig vasstaan en waaraan daar nie veel verander of gedoen kan word nie, so sal daar altyd in die wêreld van motorentoesiaste argumente gevoer en vergelykings getref word oor die voordele en nadele van die verskillende make en modelle.

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