Tested: 2018 Suzuki Jimny GLX AllGrip

The iconic spiel

Ford Mustang, Ferrari F40, Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. All of these are legends in their own right and will get you plenty of attention but if you need a little more – right now I guarantee it – just get yourself the brand-new Suzuki Jimny. Our test car’s black stickers on crazy lumo-green-yellow paint can probably help as well.

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Launch Report: Suzuki Vitara

The cheerful combo

Cars can be so boring. White and silver boxes stuck in a slow and endless march to work, seas of grey metal in a dark multi-story office car park with the odd red or yellow specimen parked under a sign proclaiming “Reserved for Marketing”. Suzuki certainly recognized this with the launch of their brand-new Vitara.

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Comparison: Suzuki SX4 new vs. old

The polished newbie

Oh goody. For once, I don’t have to think of anything clever to start a review because Suzuki just lent us one of their new SX4’s. That means this review will be no good to you if you’re not familiar with the old model because my better half actually owns a 2010 SX4 and we felt an immediate urge to compare the two.

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