Sprint Review: 2018 Hyundai Tucson 1.6T Elite

Did you know that Hyundai now has four SUV’s in the local market? The funky Kona and sensible Creta cater for the compact segment (and wallet) while their brand-new seven-seater Santa Fe wears the brand’s crown. But the one which started it all – at least locally – is this accomplished Tucson.

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Sprint Review: Hyundai Tucson 1.7D MT Executive

A new car, lots of information in short paragraphs.

What you need to know: Hyundai’s popular compact SUV started as the Tucson, became the ix35 and then reverted back to Tucson for this third generation. With ever-improving design, quality, specifications and warranties, it’s no wonder that this range of Korean soft-roaders has become a roaring success. 

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Launch Report: Hyundai Tucson Diesel

The strong contender

The new Hyundai Tucson has been making quite a few waves since it arrived in our market around March of this year. Besides its double name change from Tucson to ix35 and back to Tucson again for this third generation SUV, it’s also garnered quite a bit of praise from the local media. Chicks dig it.

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Tested: Hyundai Tucson 1.6 TGDi DCT Elite

The boring butterfly

Remember that quiet, geeky kid in school? They were most notable for not being noticeable, had good manners but never caused a stir. Until you bumped into them at your matric reunion and they’d morphed into a stylish, vibrant entrepreneur. Well, cars can do the same and Hyundai’s Tucson is a prime example.

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Padtoets: Toyota RAV4 GX AWD

Toyota se verbeterde RAV4 sit ‘n trotse tradisie voort

Die bekendstelling van Toyota se oorspronklike RAV4 so twee dekades gelede het in die jare daarná selfs dié vervaardiger se stoutste verwagtinge oortref.  En sonder twyfel gaan die nuutste en vierde generasie RAV met sy vyf verskillende modelle ‘n nuwe hoofstuk byvoeg tot hierdie suksesverhaal en sal sy mededingers in die gewilde SUV-marksegment hulle sokkies moet optrek.

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Launch Report: 2016 Hyundai H1 update

The bang bus

As our first launch report for 2016, it’s only fitting that it should start with a bang. Bang for your buck, that is. In a market where small city runabouts long surpassed six figures and compact luxury sedans are pushing half a bar, it’s great to know that Hyundai’s updated H1 bus range represents excellent value.

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Bekendstelling: Hyundai ix35 1,7 Turbodiesel Premium

Goeie nuus vir die Kersvakansie

Tussen al die slegte nuus en dinge wat ons elke dag hoor en ervaar kom daar die goeie nuus dat dieselpryse heelwat gaan sak; ook dat Hyundai vir ons ‘n klein vreugdetjie so kort voor Kersfees gebring het. Dit is nou die 1,7 liter turbodiesel ix35 wat heelwat goedkoper is as die groter 2-liter wat tot nou toe die septer geswaai het in hierdie gewilde reeks sport-nutsvoertuie.

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Comparison: Suzuki SX4 new vs. old

The polished newbie

Oh goody. For once, I don’t have to think of anything clever to start a review because Suzuki just lent us one of their new SX4’s. That means this review will be no good to you if you’re not familiar with the old model because my better half actually owns a 2010 SX4 and we felt an immediate urge to compare the two.

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